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If you are follower of my blog, you might have known by now that I am an avid Cricket fan. If you are new person just landed this space, Welcome. Check my “How I grew up with Sachin” post that tells me about Me, Cricket and Sachin.  

But little I talked about my new ( nah, Its 4 years old ) passion Photography. Sorry, recently with the easy access of DSLR’s you might have got bored of watching everyone with a DSLR and a Photography website claim to be a Photographer. Let me not comment any further about them, but at the same time let me assure you that I do not belong to the same category and bug everyone with 10000… photos I snap.

A bit of history, My father is very very good at Arts. Be it painting, drawing, interior decoration, decorating house for festivals. He does have amazing crafts skills, and much more. By genes, I tend to be attracted very easily to any form of Arts. On the same note, I wanted cherish some memories when I am with friends for a trekking, or a on a friend’s marriage occasion. The moments, which makes you smile and take you back in time to the same day, and help you relive the same moments. As part of it, I chose the photography as medium of expressing things I see to this world and store them forever.

I started taking photos with Prasanna’s camera ( yes I was not convinced as to which camera should I buy) took may of our trekking photos, captured my two Best friends marriage occasion and many more. In 2011, Time had come to have my own camera and I purchased Cannon SX 230 HS. I used the same camera to capture Prasanna’s wedding too 🙂 Later Moving to California USA, the nature over here impressed me to take up this hobby much more seriously. After the Crater Lake Exploration, I felt that I need to upgrade my tool, and with me working in US, allowed me to afford a DSLR as well as few really good lenses.

OK,you might be thinking, that after my comment against people having DSLR, I might be following their path. Let me clear the few things here. Photography is not about having DSLR, Lenses and so on. Its all about capturing that one moment, and presenting it in a way that brings back the same smile and feel, it was there while you living it in reality. These are just tools which helps you present with a better quality. I wanted to increase the quality of my presentation and hence use these tools. And its not the other way round, where everyone with a DSLR is a best photographer.

Photography is a vast area and there are many things to learn. Ultimately what matters for me is that, how do I apply them to bring the same smile back and become a part of reason for their smile. After having take up this hobby in 4 years, after learning few things in last couple of years, I believe I should reach out to audience to get some valuable feedback as well as to share my work. One such effort to reach out  many photography enthusiasts is creation of my Facebook public page Visit the page to check my work and LIKE  if you actually do and share to help me connect more photography enthusiasts.

I know many people hate Facbook, but this was bit easier to start connecting people. If you are against Facebook, You can still see my works here in Flickr @ without any hassle. It actually a much better place viewing photos. 








Things I like the most…


Not sure how do I start, but I would like to say something about couple of things I like the most Drawing and Photography ( a beginner ).

I have grown up seeing my father’s creative works in painting, knitting, Radium sticker cutting, while my interest started towards Pencil Drawing. I had started doing pencil sketches in my teens, by looking at posters mostly of god / goddess. it was more of a see and draw kind of thing than learning in a professional manner. Neither I bother to ask my parents to join me to learn drawing nor they did. I went ahead drawing with things I had access to like Pencil, painting with water colors. It went on as a hobby and had a portfolio of 3-4 sketches. While some came up nice 🙂 and others had lost their shape. 😦 Unfortunately, I failed to preserve those, otherwise could have been a very good lesson of mistakes you made.

As I moved on to my engineering, I completely gave up this art although sometimes tried to regain, but never made it. I got a chance to restart only after i completed my 2 yrs of employment in Udupi. This place actually deserves another post to say about it.  With respect to Art, Udupi is known for its possession of many form of Arts like Drama, Yakshagana, Classical Music and so on. Even My colleagues-turned-friends had their hands on learning Flute and Guitar.

The urge of regaining control on Pencil Drawing came when I visited to Srinivas prabhu’s house, where his sister Sudha had done many art works, which I wish I could have remembered those names. That is when I got to know about “Drishya school of arts” located in udupi well-maintained  under the leadership of eminent artist Sir. Ramesh Rao.

The atmosphere at this school is AWESOME and unbelievable. There are people, right from 2 yrs kid to 70 yrs old man, come here to learn and excel in many form of Art. The teachers here are very supportive and literally provide one to one support, especially at the initial stages and keep you motivated. All this at a very nominal fee of Rs. 200 / month…. Yes, you read it right!!…

Now compare them with the hefty amounts schools charge for the same in bangalore and most of them are only summer camps where you lose continuity, in your learning. Here the fee is a mark of respect and to support the school.  Ramesh sir and teachers here always go beyond to teach you if you show them zeal. I went on to learn for around 5-6 months,  and more than the art, it instilled a lot of patience in me. (Yes, you do need to have LOADS of patience to get the shape of the figure right)

As months passed by, I was destined to move back bangalore, I had no thoughts or guts to take up this formally, and it was mere end to my learning this art. Here is one of the few sketches I had done. This is the one that came out with 95% of my effort 🙂 and Hopefully you do recognize the person in the Picture. 😛 (Teachers used to help us in getting the shape of the figure, which is the toughest part).


Photo 79.jpeg

As days moved, gradually I got attracted to another form of Art, The Photography. Initially I had a thought that it needed expensive cameras and a professionally well trained to get your hands on Art of Photography, which is quite true but by no means mandatory. All you need is decent camera and good sense of framing scenes with color combinations. This could be the right way to start and take up from there once you gain confidence, Which is where I am. I waited for a long time to get a decent camera with maximum options for an affordable price (Asking for more. Isn’t it? 🙂 ) and finally laid my hands to Canon SX 230 HS model which is greatly helping to improve my photography skills.

Here are My Clicks with Cannon SX 230 HS so far and Here is the best resource on “Digital Photography” that helped me a lot.


Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 10.51.57 PM.png


Surely, sometime I want to get back to drawing where I had let off. I need to spare some time and be focused and am hoping that this could be the start.

So Finally, For those who are in the verge of starting their career on something new.. Here are three words from what I have learnt.

Be Passionate, Have Patience, Self-Discipline.