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If you are follower of my blog, you might have known by now that I am an avid Cricket fan. If you are new person just landed this space, Welcome. Check my “How I grew up with Sachin” post that tells me about Me, Cricket and Sachin.  

But little I talked about my new ( nah, Its 4 years old ) passion Photography. Sorry, recently with the easy access of DSLR’s you might have got bored of watching everyone with a DSLR and a Photography website claim to be a Photographer. Let me not comment any further about them, but at the same time let me assure you that I do not belong to the same category and bug everyone with 10000… photos I snap.

A bit of history, My father is very very good at Arts. Be it painting, drawing, interior decoration, decorating house for festivals. He does have amazing crafts skills, and much more. By genes, I tend to be attracted very easily to any form of Arts. On the same note, I wanted cherish some memories when I am with friends for a trekking, or a on a friend’s marriage occasion. The moments, which makes you smile and take you back in time to the same day, and help you relive the same moments. As part of it, I chose the photography as medium of expressing things I see to this world and store them forever.

I started taking photos with Prasanna’s camera ( yes I was not convinced as to which camera should I buy) took may of our trekking photos, captured my two Best friends marriage occasion and many more. In 2011, Time had come to have my own camera and I purchased Cannon SX 230 HS. I used the same camera to capture Prasanna’s wedding too 🙂 Later Moving to California USA, the nature over here impressed me to take up this hobby much more seriously. After the Crater Lake Exploration, I felt that I need to upgrade my tool, and with me working in US, allowed me to afford a DSLR as well as few really good lenses.

OK,you might be thinking, that after my comment against people having DSLR, I might be following their path. Let me clear the few things here. Photography is not about having DSLR, Lenses and so on. Its all about capturing that one moment, and presenting it in a way that brings back the same smile and feel, it was there while you living it in reality. These are just tools which helps you present with a better quality. I wanted to increase the quality of my presentation and hence use these tools. And its not the other way round, where everyone with a DSLR is a best photographer.

Photography is a vast area and there are many things to learn. Ultimately what matters for me is that, how do I apply them to bring the same smile back and become a part of reason for their smile. After having take up this hobby in 4 years, after learning few things in last couple of years, I believe I should reach out to audience to get some valuable feedback as well as to share my work. One such effort to reach out  many photography enthusiasts is creation of my Facebook public page Visit the page to check my work and LIKE  if you actually do and share to help me connect more photography enthusiasts.

I know many people hate Facbook, but this was bit easier to start connecting people. If you are against Facebook, You can still see my works here in Flickr @ without any hassle. It actually a much better place viewing photos.