How I grew up with Sachin – “And He Fades away”



(This is the last post of my series “How I grew up with Sachin” which I am penning as a tribute to the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar who played his farewell Test match today and who has been and always be an inspiration to many billion people like me)

I wanted to write this post as the last one on 5th day of the match, but the moment came very early than expected. May thoughts were going my mind in last few days on how to end the post. Should I end by remembering his ( Sachin Tendulkar ) best innings he has played. Should I say how he flared well in certain matches, and what does it mean to see him for 17 years. Many things going around remembering him my mind past few days, could not concentrate on my work.


I saw his emotions and tears falling from his eyes while fielding at third man. He kept acknowledging the crowds chanting over there. Tears fell from my eyes when he started his speech, Remembering all of the people who supported and sacrificed their careers for him. Many times in the recent couple of years, we have said, including me, he should retire and not at his best. I know when I said he is not at its best, It means I just don’t want him to end his career on a low. He still was the best compared to other cricketers out there, but I felt he was being the shadow of the Young Sachin we all admired. Now out of all the things we say or speak about, what really admires me about him is his Focus, Dedication and more of all humility.


He has been inspiration to not only cricketers, but to each and every people in this country and around the world. His Focus, dedication, especially when I saw him perform in the World cups after everyone thought he was out of form before the tournament, just inspires me sheer hard work he puts in when it matters the most. I followed the same from him and it has really helped me all the time. No more words can describe this man than this gesture of talking a long walk back to 22 yards for one more time, and touching the pitch where he had spent his 29 years of life and showing his respect. This tells all about him.



 Sachin Wonderful respect to cricket pitch


I would leave it here and want you to just close your eyes and just hit the PLAY button to listen to his last words of his farewell speech. SACHIN WE MISS YOU!!



Sachin _Signing_Off






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