Are you tired of traveling? Trust me, I would love to travel my whole life. Travelling has been part of my life. You know as i posted here.. almost most of my life I stayed away from my home. During my 1st year of my Diploma, I travelled from my native Chintamani to a village called Bagepalli. Although, the distance was 56 km, It used to take 2.5 hrs of journey to reach the place, But the fun part of the journey was  passing through many villages, where I was immersed to see the village life through a small window. It was like a movie, instead of the scene rolling at 24 FPS, I was moving at 22.4kmph :).  Gradually, I started enjoying the traveling subconsciously. 


This enjoyment doubled while I was in Udupi. Thanks to prasanna for organizing many trek events,  where I got to see different landscapes of Western Ghats while enjoying my time with the nicest people. Our First trek was to Kundadri, although he morphed us by saying he is taking us to Kodachadri, a place which was then famous for  Yograj Bhat’s Gaalipata movie. But that was a good start. In our very next trek, we went to Kodachadri and scenes over there was Bliss!! Although we have been to many other beautiful places thereafter, trip to Kodachadri is still the best, because it was the first time I enjoyed the nature so much. ( Although Bangalore is called Garden City, it is much polluted ). This trip strengthened my like to live in rural areas than the urban areas. As a fun part, we did a Beach Trek, which had 14 members walking on the shores of Arabian Sea, from Kumta to Gokarna, most of the part was covered by foot.


We did few more trips by train to Yaana, Kumta for Beach Trek, Murdeshwara. Those were really awesome.  My longest train journey  was to Shiridi. Imagine being on wheels for 1.5 days each way, seeing those marvelous places pass by. I know it does not sounds much of an excitement for some who have travelled more than that or very frequently, for me it was my first time I witnessed such diversity in our country. Sit next to a window and seeing the changes like divergence in construction of house, various ethnicity, changing landscapes, a change noticed every few hundred kilometers.


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In-spite of all these changes, one thing that remains same is the SMILE 🙂 . Moving at 60kmph, our eyes capture only certain moments from the window, it could be a mother lighting a lamp in her house, children playing outside their house, school, or while getting back from school, elders chit chatting, farmers working in their fields and many more, In all these, the smile on their faces remain the same, that is what makes me to enjoy my travel. 


Traveling got a new dimension when I moved to West coast of USA, and in the process discovered that I enjoyed something else. I will continue after a break..


Meanwhile, I would love to hear your traveling experiences.


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