Doppelgänger or Hallucination?



My Life is on a fast track lane witnessing so many transitions, coming across many people, few get close, few pass by, while some remain in memories forever. I rewind those memories once in a while and am sure many of you also do the same.

We meet many people having different characteristics, different mannerisms out of which some stands out for us. We try to attach an incident, it may have happened  the first time you saw, or the first prank you played with them, and when we see such similar incident they are the ones who come to our mind. Its like something like, “Oh I had a friend who laughs like you!!”. Give yourself a try remembering your best friend and the first incident that comes to your mind.

Sometimes, to the extreme, it happened that I meet a person for the first time, but his character, mannerism or behavior matches very close the person I know, that for a moment, I  thought these two people might be twins (although they are not). Is it kind of a hallucination, to see a close match in someone whom I just met? Not only their behaviors match, they look alike. Is the saying true that there are 7 people of same face exist? In German, they have similar theory called as doppelgänger, where they believer there exist a  paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil.

You know. At that particular moment, I always wish that I could get that person I know whom the stranger resembles and have them stand next to each other. That would be a real surprise!! Unfortunately, in all such incidents the two person were not at reaching distance 😦

 I have seen that there is a event conducted in Japan where twins are gathered at one place. But  Isn’t that wonderful to gather all these characters at one place, although they may not be twins, but they act the same?

I wonder, Is this behavior happens just with me or do you feel the same?



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