Lemon Rice Mania!


So I was looking into my friends blog about she having a phobia on Lemon Rice and realized OMG, we(me and my friend Sid) were in love with it without knowing it most of the time for ourselves.


While I was in Udupi, I stayed with my roommates Sidda, Naveen, and Anand (Shetty) , while Sidda and Naveen were Master Chefs, Shetty at that time did not even know how to turn on the Gas stove :). I was pretty lucky to stay with them as I was not very well adjusted to the hotel food in Udupi and my cooking skills was made a mockery. During the weekends, we used to prepare a lots of tasty stuffs, experimenting new things like payasam, Ragi mudde and so on. 


But there used to be days where our master chefs are not available  and at that time I had to learn one item as a defense to fill my stomach. For the first time, while me and shelty were experimenting to prepare Lemon Rice ( we chose it  after Maggi option to eat something fresh and natural), we had to boil the oil and add some Onions and curry leaves. The moment I dropped the Curry leaves and Onions, Shetty took an evasive action as if I was dropping bomblets 🙂


Sooner I mastered my self-defense and eventually turned out to be me cooking whenever we decide to have a quick and tasty dinner. This became our answer to Maggi as a fast and tasty food. Me and sidda only noticed that we loved this (inspite of eating it often) when we had prasanna as our roommate while in bangalore. Prasanna is a typical guy where he hated many food items like Lemon Rice, Water Melon, papayya and so on. You name it, He hates it 🙂 (jus kidding). Since then, we stopped preparing Lemon Rice, Well we sacrificed it 😛


One fine day, He had left to Rajasthan for trekking and he would be back only after a week. That is when we realized that our appetite for Lemon Rice had increased and we decided to celebrate Prasanna’s absence 😛 with Lemon Rice Mania. We both made varieties of Lemon rice that week- Normal Lemon Rice, with Vermicelli, With Mango, Tomato, Avalakki (Beater Rice / Poha). Boy, it was a marathon and We loved it :D. We had this marathon only after two years when Prasanna’s Facebook status changed from Single to Married. Hey we took the pics of our favorite food at that time:) Here it is..  


258542 10150238730206509 168651 o


271491 10150238730866509 6689738 o

272011 10150238731326509 1765887 o

Well, things have changed drastically in past 6 months after I moved to USA. Whoever said ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ are absolutely right. I not only learned to cook several items, but I kind of get the interest in cooking which I was badly missing earlier.


Happy Cooking!


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