Never get complacency creep into you!


Complacency – Keep this word out of your dictionary.



I have heard this word a lot in cricketing world, especially when Indian team performance is disastrous after an outstanding previous series, just like what happened now in England.

I have probably experienced this but today its haunting me like anything. From past six weeks I have been continuously writing my internals on every sunday, with the weekdays getting busy with hectic work at office. Today was the one such internals and was pleasing that the question paper be easy, so that I can avoid the third internals, which would give me a much needed break.

By God’s Grace, the Question paper was not only easy to answer, but there was nothing much to write 🙂 , Oh wait!!,  I mean it was not lengthy 🙂

So, I did complete all the answers before scheduled 10 mins and this is were that I believe I was complacent. Complacent to check if I had answered all the questions correct. There was a HELL lot of time, that I could literally re-answer half of the questions which I wrote.

Later, I realized that I had missed a part of answer which cost me ONE MARK :*. Mind you, if I had scored that mark, it would have been FULL marks in both internals of the subject.

It does not bother me that I failed to score FULL marks, but it is the fact that complacency in me cost this, which is a great lesson I should & will definitely learn.



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