Everthing will have to come to an end


“Everything will have to come to an end” – It is so true!! Isn’t It? But It took me a long time to understand this short sentence, and in the process observed a lot of pain.

During my childhood days, Every weekend My mom used to take me to her native place , where I have a lot of cousins (girls 😛 ). They would be waiting for my arrival, as I was the bubbliest kid 😛 in the entire family. My Aunt would keep all the eatables afresh ready to unveil them only when I arrive there. It would be a fun filled weekend, with playing games, teasing my cousins, roaming the village and much more. I never knew how the time would pass for the two days, But as dusk starts off on sunday, It starts to feel a kind of Fear / Disappointment/ In a Lost World feeling (?). Its a kind of feeling as if there would no next weekend and I may not be able to enjoy like this anymore. And with that Life enters into a routing phase the next morning.

It was very hard to absorb this kind of pain (yes it was really painful :() when I think I have to leave the place the next morning,



At the age of 8, I was moved to Bangalore from my town to do my schooling, which I was initially excited about (going from a town to city environment), but was very small to understand the fact that I have to miss my Parent’s care. Initially they used to come to see me for every 2-3 weeks. When they do come, it brings a kind of joy from nowhere or kind of a feeling on a child when it wants to see her mother desperately AND… there she comes. In that two days ( a joyful weekend again), I express them all those tiny sweet little things which I had done the past 3 weeks,( there was no other means to keep in Touch with my mom, as Mobile phones where only stick to research labs and then Trunk calls where very heavy to offered). I gradually experienced that the Care the Mother shows to her child can never be replaced or you don’t get that anywhere else. That two days when she used to be with me, was precious and would turn so fast that I wish the earth comes to standstill when she is with me.

As it near the day when they have to leave, I would be so depressed as if its curtains for all the joy. I was very small to know the fact that they would be arriving in around 3 weeks again, but those three weeks looked like AGES. As the days passed by I was hoping they would arrive on weekdays and leave on the weekdays so that I would rather spend the day in the school with my friends instead of bearing this unknown pain.

After my matriculation, I was destined to stay away from home in one way or the other. Every time, I went to my home  and after spending good amount of time and was all set to get to back to routine, this unknown feeling creeped up each time, and would vanish the little time where I could still have enjoyed. I never understand the fact that Everything in this world has to come to and end and so my brief stay at home. Better late than never, I realized let me enjoy the occasion rather than worrying for which I had no control.

So, if you are the one still feeling like me, then my word for you is to Enjoy those precious moments to the fullest and don’t get bogged with the things which are not under your control.

Before I end here, I doubt I am correct here in calling this type of feeling a Pain , Depression, or In Lost world. It is a sort of feeling even I have observed some of my friends have mostly experienced when they have to leave their home after a brief vacation.

Did you happened to go through this? If you can express this in a word or two what would it be?



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