A Fairy tale end to the week


A Fairytale end to this week, but a sense of satisfaction. I saved 100 Rs from getting it into hands of corrupted police.

Here is the story…

I had to leave my Father in K.S.R.T.C. Bus Stand, Bengaluru. Soon after I exited the Bus Stand I was caught by a person which I doubt was a Traffic Police, just because he was not in a Uniform. But there was other person in Uniform Standing in a side, shouting at whom who question him the offense, one has done.

I was caught for No Entry. If I rewind my memory & visualize, As I was Exiting the Bus stand, There is a very small “Right Hand Curve” sign, it seems, similar to this

Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 11.15.38 PM.png

Except that, it was written “for BMTC and KSRTC Bus only” and not sure whether it was in Kannada or English (as I am writing this as I visualize). To read this sign board, one has to stop his vehicle and read, but It is a Heart of Bengaluru City, and even If you stop for a split second, there would a HUGE traffic jam.

A person in non-uniform took me sideways and checked for DL. Once he was confirmed that, I had every record, He said to me in low voice. “Rs 200 for Fine, Give me 100 and I will let you off”. Enough of this, as some of you know, I had already experienced this and was not a big surprise to hear this from him.

Is this entirely my fault?

No. The sign-board over there was very small, as said, one has to stop over there to read , and the sign clearly say you could take a Right turn, and add to that, there is a movement of buses towards the same side. So, if you are lucky to have read this text, you would not be going that way.

Also, I have seen around 15 people in 15 minutes, being caught, which clearly say that the sign is not visible / clear


Did I pay him Rs 100? Here’s the story…

No. The last time I had payed Rs 100. I was very affirm that I would pay the fine this time as I have done a mistake. But the story did not end there.

I had only Rs 100 in my pocket, and I has the guy the way to ATM. Suddenly, the Police in uniform, came shouting towards me, as he noticed, the money was not settled even after 5-7 minutes of my entry and there was no other people. I initially said, I was looking for an ATM, but he was on his own voice. I raised my voice too, and asked him how could I pay as I need ATM to draw the amount. He showed me the way to ATM which, unfortunately was in the Bus stand where I had dropped my father.

I asked him to look after the Bike, while I kept the bike keys myself (how could you believe these guys, If I keep my bike as well as keys), But he refused, and gave me the reason that he would be leaving at any moment( which was a lie, as he was making so much money over there ).

Me: “Sir I am keeping my Bike here, what else do you need?”

Police: “I could get a emergency message at any time, so what shall I do with your bike”

Police: “Take out your SIM card, and give your mobile. Take the Bike and get the cash”

Me: (oh my mobile :-D, some of you know the condition of my mobile, for others, it is a Nokia Butterfly model, used for close to 6 years.) “OK, take it”

Police: With grim face “Go get the cash”

As I rounded back to the Bus Stand, there was ATM but no space for parking. With some Navigation of Bangalore maps in my mind, found that I could park the vehicle at Railway station nearby. However, the parking area over there wasn’t safety as there was no sign of Parking from Railway authorities. There was no other choice, but had to leave my vehicle, run back to the ATM, and get the cash. Unfortunately, I could not get the change in 100s, It was a Rs 500 note.

(God is still testing me, whether I would give the only Rs 100 I had)

With some difficulty , I got back to police, and for some distance , I had to move the bike manually, as the Police was at No Entry area.

As I approached the Traffic Police prepare the Bill, he asked his assistant to collect it, which he re-insisted me to give Rs 100, instead of paying Rs 200.

Me: “Listen, there are some people who are fighting for Corruption free India, and you guys are doing this”

Without having next word with me, He immediately took me to the Police, and had quiet word about my statement. The police after listening to him said to me in raising voice

Police : “GET THE DL”


He asked me about my work details, and I was smart enough not to say him that I am a Software Engineer 🙂

After, taking the Rs 500 note, he delayed a lot, giving a Rs 100 every 30 seconds, and he even shouted that, I” am not running away without giving you a change”.

The Bill was generated for Rs 100 only and  a bit of search in google gave me this list of Penalty Fares for Traffic offenses in Bangalore. Please make a note of Penalty fee, as the cops would quote more and tend to make you pay which ultimately get into their pockets.

Finally got out of this situation. But in the process of all these, After reaching home, I got to know that I have lost my SIM somewhere over there. (when he asked me to remove the SIM and surrender the mobile)


An Interesting Stat

As I stood over the scene for approx 15 minutes. I saw these guys catching at least 15 vehicles, with Bill being generated for only 2 or 3 of them. So, it is 12 * 100 = 1200 in 15 minutes, which accounts to

4800 per hour

144000 for 30 days,  if he stand  there for an hour daily.

Leaving to you to analyze hereafter… 🙂


Request to Bengaluru Traffic Police commissioner

1. Please install a BIG Hoarding at the Exit of KSRTC and BMTC Bus Stand, Majestic, so that people would be aware of it. I have seen a similar hoarding near UVCE, Nrupathunga Road.

2. Although you had made the Penalty fees for many Traffic offenses on you website here , It is not accessible to a non-tech people.

3. Also, the Police was standing near a place where there is no checkpost and it looked like he was standing just to collect the penalty fees, as they are very certain that people would rarely see the sign-board. Instead of this, there could be a person kept at a temporary basis(till the Big hoarding is placed), to guide the people in a right way.


Useful Links

Bangalore Traffic Police Website

List of Penalty Fee for Traffic Offenses in Bangalore

Please spread this message by Sharing using any of the options below and let everyone be aware of the rules and penalty fees.



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