Trip to Hogenakkal on Republic Day




On 60th Republic day, First holiday of the year, Moreover Middle of the week, We had every reason to enjoy the day with FULL blast. I was interested in playing cricket but had to change my mind after the overwhelm response for picnic to Hogenakkal. I was interested in coracle ride (theppa in Kannada). Trip was organised by Prasanna

Hogenakkal, is waterfall on in South India on the Kaveri River. More about it here


To Start off, I was the last one to get onto the Tempo traveller 🙂 We left Bangalore at dawn (around 6:30)

We reached “Kamat Upahar” on the way after two hours. We were hungry, but the journey so far good and we were asleep. The breakfast was good enough. Once we fueled our stomach, we get back to our grooves, enjoyed the journey and the roads on the route were awesome (You got to ride a 220cc bike here). not even a single hump.  There were green farmlands here and there too add the freshness.

Kamat Upahar

Kamat Upahar

As we entered into our neighbouring state Tami Nadu.. We,(atleast me), got to see something unusual.

There is a statue of TN CM Mr. Karunanidhi’s idol in two villages we have seen so far.

We also had experienced the usual.


We had to shell out hunderds and tens to so called police officers as bribe for let us go without taking any time to check our vehicles. (Bribe on Republic day?? hmmm..)

We finally reached Hogennakal around 10:45 am. Since it was a public holiday, the place was crowded. There were Aquariums, crocodile farm, but we were keen to dive into the water. Slowly we came to know that there is an entry fee for every gate we enter.

Entrance to hanging bridge..  Rs 5/-..

To climb the Short Tower built around.. Rs 3/..

Looking at this snap shot by Prasanna from this Tower.. Priceless

Snap fro Tower

Top view of Hogenakkal Falls


As we move on we had to take a coracle ride 2 coracles with 7 and 6 members on each (Cost 150/- per head).

There we go!!  In middle of a valley, On a coracle, with water surrounding us AWESOME!!.. We were greeted with the shopkeeper of a Mobile Store..we could not resist to pick one slice and Moong Dal 🙂

Coracle Mobile Store

Mobile General Store on a Coracle in Hogenakkal Falls


The best part of the ride is sprinkling water and the rotation of coracle. We had a wonderfull time spent for around an hour.

Hogenakal - 063.jpg

Then we headed to Dharmapuri for a Lunch, and anyone who has been to any part of TN would know that you have to either know tamil and there is no other choice, although few respond to english or telugu but Hindi is a NO NO. We had a hard time with the supplier in the hotel but the food was tasty enough to neglect the supplier’s behavior.. Chutney was so tasty and it was unanimous.

Slowly after a slight nap in Traveller while few of them flicking through the clicks, we reached Krishnagiri Dam. This place was nice and the sunset made it beautiful.

(This place is good to spend time for newly married couples, and those with their loved ones.)




It was a good end and nice finishing touch to trip.. Each one of us started posing for the single shots, some for facebook, orkut, and few to get ready for marriage proposals 🙂

Hogenakal - 088.jpg

Krishnagiri Dam

Hogenakal - 114.jpg

Krishnagiri Dam


Hogenakal - 097.jpg

L to R  Backwards: Vishnu, Krishna, Anand, Parasappa, Me, Shashank

L To R Standing : Nitheesh, Sadanand, Basavaraj, Vinay, Sudhir, Vasu

Photographer: Prasanna


Finally left Krishnagiri at 6:30 PM reached back to Bangalore at 8:30 PM. I was totally refreshed from the trip, which I had expected to be tiring.

Thanks a lot to the all the friends who made this trip so beautiful.

This is one of the best snap I have seen.


Hogenakkal Falls

For More Pictures :   MyPicasa, MyFacebook




4 thoughts on “Trip to Hogenakkal on Republic Day

  1. saritha

    Good info .. Actually I was asking Karthik (You might be knowing him through my blog 😉 ) about trip to Hogenakkal Falls since many days. But we didn’t had any idea about the timings. Now, i got the reason to force him. Thanks for that 🙂
    FYI: I know your friend Vasu, whom i met in one of my friend’s marriage.

  2. Niranjan Kumar

    very nice snaps .. Looks like snaps has been clicked by professional have given good reason to hang around “Hogenakkal ” with family and frds.

    • bharath2020

      Thanks Niranjan, Yes there are many hobbyist photographers around me :-), and nature over there also supported us.

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