Cricket Mania – ICC WC 2011


.. he has the scores of 120, 200 ,178, 90, 34* in ranaji trophy” a voice from a meeting room



but he was not in our probables” sounds Boni over phone.

.. he has outstanding talent and impressed all of us here with his stroke-play” it is Srika..

but he has not played any ODI“.

Yes. we know that.. but we had a close look at him and he definitely would be surpise weapon for the opposition.

mind you, he extremely hard hitter of the ballanother voice raised,

he can stroke the ball to any side at his will” a new voice

oh is it.. sounds like that guy is interesting.. why dont you send him down here?

we wish to, but we dont want him to expose now to the world and give other teams a good look at him. he must be a surprise weapon

Breaking News.jpeg

New face in India ICC WC  2011 Squad” – The Times

A 25yr old Sharath from Bangalore in WC Squad” – The Deccan

Sreeka declined to comment on new member in WC Squad” – The Mysore Express

Welcome back viewers, this match setting up for an exciting finish. India needed 24 from 10 balls with one wicket to spare. debutant Sharath facing the next ball, he has been  impressive till now having scored 48 of just 24 balls

“HUGE, 6 of the last ball of penultimate over, they need 14 of 6“.



“10 off 2 balls, thats SIX! thats MASSIVE, HUGE roar in the Crowd. England fans are stunned.


Will he hit this for FOUR, Can England hold their nerve? I can hear some noise over here.

“Cuckooo, Cuckooo.. Cuckooo, Cuckooo..”

Its 7:45 AM, Oh GOD!!  😀



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